Saving Private Ryan

 The movie I am going to talk about is Saving Private Ryan. . This movie was written by Robert Rodat. The  directer is none other than the famous Steven Spielberg. The leading actor is award winning actor Tom Hanks. Other notable actors include Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore, and Vin Diesel. This American war movie was released in 1998.

The plot of this movie starts off on the morning of the D-Day invasion, June 6th 1944. Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) and his men had just broken through the main line on the beach of Normandy. As they begin the push to win the war John get orders to find James Francis Ryan (Matt Damon). James is a paratrooper and is lost behind enemy line. The reason why John needs to find James is because James had three brother die during the first wave of the invasion. This was extra hard because James’s mother would receive the telegraph that three of her boys were killed in action. General George Marshall orders James be located immediately and brought home alive. John then gets a group of seven men to go and find James somewhere in enemy territory. During the rest of the rest of the movie we follow the eight men all though the country side battling the enemy while trying to find James. This is a true American war movie that will keep you watching til the end.

I shared with you the opening scene from the movie. This is a very powerful scene that comes back at the end to wrap up what it means to be a true war hero. This opening scene does not contribute to the chronological flow of the movie. Once the opening scene is over the rest of the movie is set in chronological order. I feel the opening scene was well placed though because from then on people know there was sacrifice in the movie. They leave out who was actually buried until the closing scene, and for good reason. Once the men hit the beach each scene flowed into the next. We journeyed with the soldiers each day, and watched them fight for their lives.

The aesthetic choices this movie made I feel are very realistic. When talking about aesthetics you are describing the emotions and sensations that a person has in the movie. The opening scene is very realistic. It is one of the most documented wars in history. D-Day holds a special place for many Americans due to the fact so many lives were lost that day. There were reports the water was actually red from all the blood that was shed on the beach that day. Most people know what had happened that day, but for the movie to bring vivid action shots of that day brings out real emotion. This shows how brave these men were even though they saw there fellow brothers dying all around them.

I feel character development is very important in this movie. Everyone looks for a leader or a hero in a movie. We start to feel that very early in the case of Captain John. You want to have faith in who you follow. In this case John is in charge of seven other men. You want all of them to make it safe and get to the goal they have been given. You also start to see other development in the other soldiers as the move ahead. You can see them being hardened by the effects of war, and what they have to do to stay alive. In the end with how the characters evolved during the movie you want them to all come home in the last battle they had to endure. You want to cheer for the hero even though sometimes the hero doesn’t always win.

Even with a different presentation style I don’t think the movie would have change much. The plot still would have been the same. The main goal would have still been the same. This movie was based on a lot of real life events. The locations are real. The time frame is real. Most importantly the actual event of D-Day was very real. What could have been different would be if the cameras took the angle of a single soldier and we saw the war through his eyes instead of getting a third person point of view of everything. I feel the audience would have the same outcome at the end of the movie. As Americans we cheer for America to win. That is just natural habit. And seeing what these men were going through each and every day during that war it’s hard not to hope the ultimate best.



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