Saving Private Ryan – Sound in movies

This scene I chose I feel is very important regarding sound and the different types of sound in movies. I feel this scene cover all three types of dialectic, sound, and music. First we must define what these three types are a little more in depth. First you have dialectic. This is the words that are used between to actors to continue with the story line. The dialectic is what keeps the movie flowing. The second is a little harder to notice unless you are looking for it. These are the sounds in the movie. I will be giving specific examples later in this post to give more accurate examples. Basically the sounds of the movie are what is going around in the scene to make the movie whole. If you just have two people talking it would not display what the movie is all about. Finally the music is the last part of dialectic in the movie. This may comes at certain climax parts of the movie to enhance what is going on.

In the scene I chose to talk about is where the team’s medic Private Wade has just been shot. The first thing you see is another soldier running to his aid. You do not hear him talking nor does he say anything, but you can hear all his equipment as he is running. You can hear the bullets hitting each other as he is running to his aid. Once the team gathers around him to see his wounds you can now here dialectic between members. None of them are medics, and they are all trying to communicate as how to try and safe Private Wade. There is a lot talk between the men at this point. This is a very stressful situation and there will be a lot of commotion and yelling. You can start to see the attempt is starting to fail. The sounds are becoming more distinct when you hear the water canteen unscrew to pour water on him to try and clean out his wound. The ripping of medical supplies and the use or morphine are sounds that bring us close to Private Wade in hopes he makes it.

In the final minute of the scene you can start to see Private Wade start to fade in his eyes. When he does this you can start to hear music in the background start to play. This is done to make the climax of the scene that much more intense. You can start to see death is now evident and the music starts to play louder. It is almost like a church hymn of Private Wade not feeling pain anymore, and him going to a better place where there is no more war and suffering. This music was placed at the right time to bring the scene to a close and give Private Wade the respect he deserves.

Some of the sounds in this scene can be related to the action adventure genre. There are certain sounds in War that can be identified in this scene. The dialectic between the men show a controlled panic when not knowing what to do, or having the situation to far out of their control to do anything about it.

If you removed any of the key sounds in the scene I feel you would still get the point across, but the scene would not be complete. If the music would have not been in the end then the scene would still have ended the same way, but I feel it would have given Private Wade the proper ending he deserved.


Goodykoontz, B., & Jacobs, C. P. (2014). Film: From watching to seeing (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


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